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Charity Camps

School holiday camps

The Portsea Camp runs four week-long camps in school holidays for disadvantaged, special needs and rurally isolated 9-12 year old children, and one for 13-16 year old teenagers. Costs are heavily subsidised. Up to 280 children attend each camp.

For more information on camp dates, local area contacts and etc, see our Charity Camps.

Feedback and camp photos for children, parents / guardians

We would love to have your feedback after camps. Please click on the relevant dates to link to the questionnaire where you will also find a link to approx.  750 photographs from each individual camp. You will need to use the password you were given when your child came home. Uploading photos can be slow so please check back after a few days to see if we’ve uploaded more.

January 19th – 25th, 2017

January 11th-17th, 2017

January 2nd – 9th, 2017

April 2016

September 2016

Partnership camps for child and family support organisations

Children’s charities are encouraged to use the site to run organisationally specific camps at a substantially reduced, subsidised cost. Presently, seven child and family support charities are taking advantage of this opportunity: Children’s Tumour Foundation, Epilepsy Foundation, Haemophillia Foundation, Moira, Williams Syndrome Family Support Group, Yooralla and Interchange (Outer East).

The camp is enthusiastic about developing this initiative and welcomes approaches from children’s charities seeking to use the facility on weekends.

School and General Camps

School camps

Schools looking for an accredited camp with excellent facilities, a recreation program that can be focused on meeting VELS requirements, that is located a short, affordable distance from Melbourne will struggle to find a better appreciated camp venue.

Easter camps

Religious and community groups looking to celebrate Easter will find the camp an ideal and affordable venue. The large main hall with well equipped stage is ideal for larger group gatherings and services.

Community and family camps

Community and family groups will find the camp an ideal venue as discrete areas of the camp are booked on an area by area basis rather than by room. A weekend staying in the Bayside Units, self catering in the Nautilus Centre, can cost as little as $56.25 / person when all beds are filled.

Self catered camps

Weekend self catering groups will find that either the Bayside Unit or Parade Ground areas of the camp have good self catering possibilities. Additionally, the camp has available a number of prepared meals that can be purchased prior to arrival that simply require groups to heat and serve.

For more information see our General Camps.

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