The Portsea Camp

How to help

It doesn’t matter whether you are skilled or unskilled, whether you can donate your time or your money, and how much you might have of either, no charity can do without more help!! There are many options for assisting the Camp. Whether you be an organization, or individual we welcome your contribution.

Consider volunteering, either attending charity camps or a working bee. Perhaps you have Directorship experience, or you have goods you think may be useful? Perhaps you are able to make a financial donation, meeting the costs of a child’s attendance at camp?

A recent camp initiative is the Peninsula Business for Peninsula Youth scheme – local businesses sponsoring individual children to camps. It is a great success and something we will be emulating in other regions.

Or perhaps, like Marissa Cookson you have web skills? Marissa recently updated our tired old website to the wonderful site you are looking at now – thanks Marissa!

Parent feedback shows the difference your help makes:

  • “I have never seen my son so confident and happy. He has come home with a new maturity and can-do attitude. I am not sure what you guys did, but he has a new attitude on life with much more self esteem.”
  • “I felt comfortable leaving her in the camp’s care as I knew it was run professionally and knew she was being looked after.”
  • “We were very impressed that he had been encouraged to do activities that we would consider outside his comfort zone.”
  • “He wouldn’t stop talking about it for weeks, he had so many stories to tell us. It was a big move for him to be aware for a whole week but it was an experience he’ll never forget.”
  • “My child had an absolute ball, I was really impressed.”
  • “He came home happier than I can remember and has returned home with more confidence and maturity. It has been a revelation that I didn’t imagine would happen with our son.”


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