The Portsea Camp has been supporting children to have exceptional camp experiences for over 75 years and counting...

One Remarkable Purpose

A tightly knit community dedicated to making a profound difference in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children.


In 1946, The Portsea Camp was born from a vision to provide a seaside escape to children facing hardships.


Our core values of fun, connection, respect, and growth drive us as we facilitate growth through positive experiences.

What we do

The camp operates as a social enterprise returning profits to the charity. Through our partnerships, volunteers and collaborations the camp:

We subsidize M.A.D programs for 1000 socially and economically disadvantaged children from all over Victoria each year, ensuring that outdoor education and recreation are accessible to all.

We deliver life-changing youth, leadership and wellness programs to more than 10,000 school children, providing them with valuable high-quality outdoor education experiences.

Working with over 200 schools as an independent revenue stream to fund our charitable programs.

Deliver approximately 500 outdoor education, recreation, and well-being activities each week, promoting physical health, mental well-being, and personal growth.

Employ 20 staff & work with 150 active volunteers to operate the camp and its charitable initiatives to support our purpose and operate a historical site.

Over 24,000 volunteer hours are given back to the community every year.

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How we help

Through our business activities, strong partnerships & the support of donors and the community we are dedicated to creating impactful experiences through our key initiatives

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Brighter Futures for Every Child

Addressing Inequity

We break down barriers and address inequities faced by disadvantaged children and communities, providing transformative outdoor experiences that promote inclusivity and equal access.

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Regional Resilience

Supporting Regional Communities

We partner with local communities to delivery engaging and meaningful outdoor experiences to regional children, schools and communities.

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Protect and Preserve

Environmental Stewardship

We educate the next generation on environmental responsibility through eco-friendly practices, nature-based programs, and conservation efforts, fostering a commitment to protecting our planet.

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A Safe Place to Land

Maintain Our Heritage Listed Site

A commitment to maintaining our camp facilities and the surrounding environment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants, providing a welcoming space for children, families and communities.

How can you help

With your support, we will continue to grow. Join us in celebrating the futures of our youth, one kid at a time, one camp at a time. Together, we make a profound difference in the lives of countless children.