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A Safe Place to Land

Maintain, Refurbish, Upgrade and Protect Our Site

$0 of $100,000 raised

Our objective is to raise funds to expand outdoor programs and facilities, ensuring more children benefit from transformative experiences.


Dormitory Fans

Provides a portable fan for a bedroom for summer.



Keeping our walls, rooms, halls and handrails bright and fresh


Safety Gear

Buys a student helmet and harness.


Privacy Blinds

Provides two window blinds for camper bedrooms.

Capital Project

$250,000 Floor Replacement

Contribute to our Winwood Hall floor replacement project – we need to raise $250,000 to replace the dropping floor in our dining hall.

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Your Donation

Highlighting the camp's commitment to childhood development, the campaign seeks donations to expand outdoor programs, enhance facilities, and reach more children in need.

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Camp Safety

Providing valuable funds to keep participants safe during activities and their stay.

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Capital Projects

A portion of donation proceeds goes towards capital projects to ensure a safe camp for everyone.

Fund Allocation

The ultimate dining experience

Winwood Hall combines elegance with functionality, making it the perfect venue for large-scale schools, events, and functions.

Outdoor Programs

Expanding outdoor adventure programs and activities.

Camp Facilities

Upgrading and maintaining camp facilities for a safe and enjoyable environment.

Flexible Divider

Outreach initiatives to reach more children from diverse backgrounds.

Other Campaigns

Our initiatives allow us to continue providing invaluable outdoor education, well-being, and nature-based programs to those who might not other have acces.