Conditions of Hire

The Applicant agrees to the Conditions of Hire, including:

  • Observing all rules and regulations during the hire period.
  • Taking reasonable care of the Camp and its property.
  • Ensuring safety measures are followed.
  • Indemnifying the Camp against any claims except those arising from negligence or willful acts.
  • Accepting the terms of the Agreement upon its acceptance by the Camp.


  1. The acceptance of any Offer may only be effected before the Last Acceptance Date and will only be effected when:
    1. (a) the Applicant’s signed written acceptance is received by the Camp along with the deposit amount, as stated on the Booking Offer; and
    2. (b) the receipt of the Applicant’s acceptance is acknowledged by the Camp in writing or by email to the Applicant’s email address set out above.
  2. By submitting the booking form and accepting the offer, the Applicant agrees to the terms and conditions outlined herein, as well as any additional terms specified in the Offer and Acceptance.
  3. The Applicant acknowledges that the booking is subject to availability and confirmation by the Camp. The Camp reserves the right to decline any booking request at its discretion.
  4. Any changes or amendments to the booking must be made in writing and acknowledged by the Camp. Additional charges may apply for changes made after the booking confirmation.
  5. The Applicant agrees to provide accurate and complete information on the booking form, including the names and contact details of all persons who will be part of the Group. Failure to provide accurate information may result in the cancellation of the booking without refund.
  6. The Applicant is responsible for ensuring that all persons associated with the booking comply with the Conditions of Hire and any rules or regulations set forth by the Camp.
  7. The Applicant acknowledges that failure to adhere to the booking terms and conditions may result in additional charges, cancellation of the booking, or expulsion from the Camp premises without refund.
  8. The Camp reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time for reasons including but not limited to, unforeseen circumstances, maintenance issues, or breaches of the booking terms and conditions. In such cases, the Camp will provide a full refund of any fees paid by the Applicant.
  9. The Applicant agrees to indemnify the Camp against any loss, damage, or liability arising from the Applicant’s breach of the booking terms and conditions or any negligent act or omission by the Applicant or the Benefited Persons.
  10. The Agreement formed upon acceptance of the Offer constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings relating to the subject matter herein.


This section outlines the exclusion, restriction, or modification of certain rights under the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012.


  1. A Group must be properly supervised. The Applicant and the Applicant’s Representative/s are responsible for the conduct, safety, and welfare of all of the Benefited Persons and are responsible for ensuring that all of the requirements of the Camp are observed.
  2. The Applicant’s Representative/s and the Benefited Persons must comply with all reasonable directions of the Staff or Volunteers.
  3. The Applicant’s Representative/s must make contact with the Staff immediately upon arrival at the Camp to provide final numbers of attendees, and attend a Camp Induction. No member of any Group may take up residence until authorized to do so by the Staff.
  4. No illegal drugs may be brought onto the Site. Alcohol may be permitted in certain circumstances with the prior, written, approval of the Camp Coordinator and it is agreed that all empty bottles/cans waste be taken with the guests to dispose of off-site at own cost.
  5. Smoking is not permitted on the Site nor in front of any child.
  6. The Applicant must notify the Camp of the final number, names, and dietary requirements of persons who will comprise the Group not less than 4 weeks prior to the Date In. This includes the supply of corresponding ASCIA Plans. Failure to do so will result in an additional charge of 10% per person and the guest being served a completely allergy-free meal until such time as the correct documents are supplied.
  7. Standard menus will be shared with the applicant upon confirmation of booking. These cannot be adjusted in most instances.
  8. Recreation programs must be discussed and finalized with Camp staff no later than 6 weeks prior to the Date In.
  9. The Applicant is liable to pay the Booking Charge which is the amount calculated as follows: (a) if the number of persons who comprise the Group meets or exceeds the Minimum Number of Persons, as stated on the Booking Offer (“The Minimum Number”), the Booking Charge is the total of the price payable for each person in the Group where the price payable for each person is: (i) the price per day, for the category into which the person falls as set out in the Camp’s price list applicable at that date which is 98 days before the Date In, for each person, multiplied by: (ii) the number of days in the Hire Period, plus that amount equal to: D x (E x F) where: D=the difference between the number of people who comprise the Group and The Minimum Number; E=the adult rate as contained in the Camp’s price list applicable at the date which is 98 days before the Date In; and F=the number of days in the Hire Period.
  10. In these Conditions of Hire, a day means any period of 24 hours or part thereof. [for example, a hire period of 33 hours constitutes a hire period of 2 days].
  11. All persons on the Site must respect reasonable noise constraints while on the Site. No noise before 7:30 am weekdays, 9 am on weekends and public holidays and after 10:00 pm Sunday to Thursday or 11:00 pm Friday, Saturday. Noise must be kept to a minimum to avoid any inconvenience or nuisance being caused to other persons.
  12. Pets are not permitted to be brought onto the Site.
  13. No fire may be lit on the Site without the prior consent of the Staff.
  14. The Site is an environmentally friendly facility. Flora and fauna may be appreciated but must not be disturbed. The natural beauty of the Site must be preserved for all to enjoy. A serious commitment to reduce waste, energy, and water consumption is expected.
  15. All persons must respect the buildings and equipment on the Site. Breakages and damages must be reported to the Staff immediately. All such breakage or damage must be paid for.
  16. The Camp requires payment of 50% of the total estimated charge which will (on the basis of the Agreement) be payable 6 weeks prior to the “In Date”. Failure to do so may result in the camp being canceled.
  17. All monies relating to the Agreement, which have not been paid by the “Date Out,” must be paid within 7 days of the Date Out.
  18. No bedding of furniture may be removed from rooms. The Camp may charge The Applicant additional fees as compensation for damaged or unduly soiled bedding or for relocating bedding or furniture.
  19. No posters/signage and the like are to be fixed to Camp buildings without first discussing with Camp staff.
  20. Incident reports must be completed and provided to the Camp for any serious injuries.
  21. No person may interfere with any fire equipment and/or alarms. In the event of an alarm occurring, the Applicant and the Applicant’s Representative/s are responsible for ensuring that Camp evacuation procedures are followed, including that area wardens are appointed and their name and contact number supplied to the Camp 4 weeks prior to arrival.
  22. The Site is to be left clean and tidy and as instructed by the Staff. Failure to do so may incur additional cleaning costs.
  23. The Camp will not be responsible for, or have any liability arising out of, the preparation or delivery of meals, whether prepared on the Site or otherwise provided by caterers not employed or associated with the Camp to the Group at the Site. Unless the Booking Offer indicates the Offer is on a “Catered” basis meals will not be provided by the Camp as part of the booking.
  24. All bedrooms must be vacated as shown on the published schedule, on the “Date Out”. Requests and authorization for late check-out (which may not be possible) must be in writing, a minimum of 7 days prior to the “Date In” and may incur additional charges.
  25. No parking except in designated areas. No access to areas designated ‘private,’ ‘staff only,’ ‘danger,’ and the like.
  26. The Camp retains the right to require any Group or any of the Benefited Persons to leave the Site in the event of any behavior or conduct which is illegal, offensive, inappropriate, or constitutes a nuisance to neighbors or other persons on-site.
  27. Sole use of the Commercial Kitchen will require hiring of the entire camp site, and a kitchen member will need to provide either a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery or a Food Safety Supervisors certificate 4 weeks prior to arrival.
  28. School groups are issued teacher accommodation and meals free of charge at a ration 1:10 children. Schools will be charged for teachers above the 1:10 ratio.