Nautilus Centre

A hub of learning and innovation

Dive into the Nautilus Centre, offering versatile spaces for learning, collaboration, and innovation. Each space within the centre is equipped with modern amenities to support a range of activities, from workshops to conferences.

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Conference Space (AV)

Equipped with advanced audiovisual technology, this space is ideal for lectures, presentations, and seminars, accommodating your digital connectivity needs.

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A fully equipped kitchen space to support catering needs for events and workshops, enabling seamless meal preparations and cooking classes.

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Sick Bay/First Aid

A dedicated area equipped to provide immediate medical attention and care, ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants.

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2 x Accessibility Bedrooms

Specially designed bedrooms that ensure comfort and accessibility for guests with additional needs, featuring custom fittings and easy access facilities.

Winwood Hall

The ultimate dining experience

Winwood Hall combines elegance with functionality, making it the perfect venue for large-scale schools, events, and functions.

Capacity for 300 People

Ideal for hosting large-scale events, accommodating big school groups and multiple schools for dining, Winwood Hall provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for all guests.

Advanced Technical Setup

Outfitted with state-of-the-art lighting, disco equipment, speakers, microphones, and projectors, this hall is perfectly equipped to animate any event or night activity with dynamic energy.

Flexible Divider

Designed to offer versatility, the flexible divider allows for the separation of school groups or the creation of distinct zones for a variety of activities, ensuring tailored experiences for each group.

Commercial Kitchen

Our expansive HACCP-accredited kitchen boasts top-of-the-line commercial appliances, including ovens, dishwashers, fryers, a 6 burner stove, cool room, freezer, and ample workbenches, inviting seasoned chefs with the appropriate certifications to unleash their culinary creativity for large gatherings.

Equipped with

The kitchen is complemented by extensive storage and generous preparation areas, facilitating efficient meal production and organisation for events of any size, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

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Art Room

The Art Room offers a vibrant and inspiring space for creative expression and artistic endeavors.

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Creative Hub

A central spot for igniting imagination and exploring various art forms.

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Fully Equipped

Outfitted with all necessary supplies and materials for a wide range of artistic projects.

Connelly Hall

Versatile Space for Creative and Educational Endeavours

Connelly Hall offers a multipurpose area that serves as a blank canvas for your school, event, workshop, or gathering.

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Lounge Area/Teachers Space

A cosy area designed for relaxation, informal meetings, or as a breakout space for educators.

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Kitchenette Facility

Equipped for convenience, providing a compact area for preparing light refreshments and supporting small-scale catering needs during events and meetings.

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Multipurpose Use

This adaptable space seamlessly transitions to accommodate an array of events, from educational workshops and seminars to intimate performances, catering to diverse group needs.

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Accommodates 60 People

Ideally sized for medium gatherings, Connelly Hall offers a cosy yet spacious setting, promoting engagement and interaction among attendees.

Flinders Recreation Room

Engage. Play. Escape

A recreational haven for guests to unwind, engage in fun activities, or book our unique escape room.

Leisure and Games

A space filled with recreational options for relaxation and team-building exercises.

Lounge Area

A cosy area designed for relaxation, informal meetings, or as a breakout space for educators.

Explore and Experience

Each of our facilities is designed with your needs in mind, ensuring that whether you’re here to learn, innovate, play, or celebrate, you have the perfect space to do so. Explore our offerings and let us help you create unforgettable experiences.

More Information

We offer an extensive range of outdoor and indoor facilities designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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Discover the thrill and adventure with our wide range of outdoor activities, designed to challenge, educate, and inspire participants of all ages.

  • Nature Trails for hiking and educational walks
  • Beach Access for swimming, snorkelling and beach activities
  • Outdoor Classroom Spaces for learning in nature
  • Picnic and BBQ Areas for outdoor meals
  • Basketball Court for recreational play
  • Dodgeball Court
  • Bike Trails for mountain biking or leisure cycling
  • Outdoor Amphitheatre for group gatherings and performances
  • Sports and Recreation Fields for soccer, football, and more
  • Campfire

Explore our versatile meeting facilities, equipped with modern amenities to support a productive and engaging experience for every attendee.

  • Conference Space with advanced AV technology
  • Workshop Room for interactive sessions and creative workshops
  • Commercial Kitchen in Winwood Hall for event catering
  • Teacher Rooms dedicated spaces for educators
  • Lounge Area for informal gatherings
  • Multipurpose Halls for lectures
  • Divider in Winwood Hall to create separate spaces
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Whether you’re planning a school camp, corporate retreat, an event or a family gathering, The Portsea Camp is the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories.

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