What We Offer

We are committed to providing you with a memorable and enriching camp experience for all participants.

Flexible school Programs

Teachers can choose from a wide range of available facilities and resources at The Portsea Camp to create a customised program to suit their curriculum, needs, wants and budget.

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School Camps

Our school camps offer a perfect blend of adventure, learning, and camaraderie, providing students with a unique opportunity to step outside their comfort zones and discover new strengths from Primary through to Specialist and Home-schoolers we have a experience for you.

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School Outdoor Ed-Venture

Outdoor classrooms provide invaluable learning experiences for children of all ages. Interaction with the environment and social development enriches children's education beyond the confines of a traditional classroom setting.

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School Incursions

Incursions bring the adventure to your school, offering exciting half-day and full-day activities that promote teamwork and personal development without the need for off-site travel.

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School Excursions

School excursions provide fun and immersive day trips, offering a variety of activities tailored to group sizes and VELS learning outcomes, perfect for introducing students to outdoor adventures & preparing for overnight stays

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School Groups we cater to



Tailored for our youngest learners, these camps introduce children to the joy of outdoor education in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Year 3 – 6

Designed to expand young minds and bodies, these camps offer exciting adventures and learning experiences that foster teamwork and resilience.


Year 7 – 9

Focused on personal growth and leadership, these camps challenge teens to push their boundaries and discover their potential.

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VCE, Senior Camps

Year 10 – 12

Aimed at older students, these camps provide enriching experiences that prepare them for future challenges, emphasising leadership, teamwork, and independence.

Specialist & Alternative Schools

All age groups

Our multi-age programs blend outdoor adventures, educational workshops, and collaborative projects, promoting peer learning and community building. Families can choose activities that enhance their curriculum, fostering personal growth, resilience, and a love for learning.

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Self-Led Camps

All age groups

These camps elevate sports, arts, theatre, and music programs, providing an ideal backdrop for fostering teamwork and skill development. Students experience creative rehearsals and training in a refreshing and natural setting, promoting artistic expression and camaraderie.

Serving All School Groups

Nurturing Young Minds & Unlocking Educational Opportunities

We’re dedicated to breaking down barriers and providing schools with the resources and support they need to thrive through enriching camp experiences.

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Inclusive Curriculum

Supports academic, social, and emotional development, aligns with Victorian Essential Learning Standards, and develops comprehensive educational content.

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Develop Resilience

Equipping schools with the latest tools and resources to enhance learning experiences and prepare students for lifelong learning.

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Explore Interests

Discover new passions and talents, exposure to sports and arts, and expands campers' horizons.

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Create Connections

Forges lasting friendships, promotes shared experiences, and cultivates a sense of community.

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