Camps provide children with experiences that help shape character and build resilience for a lifetime

We believe in the transformative power of outdoor education and experiential learning. Your support enables us to continue delivering our mission and empowering generation of children.

Join us in our purpose to enrich lives and make a lasting impact on children and families across Victoria.

Ways to Get Involved

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Every contribution helps us provide life-changing experiences for children living with adversity and disadvantage. Donate today and help us continue our vital work.

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Experience the joy of making a difference firsthand. From outdoor activities to administrative roles, we offer various opportunities for you to lend your skills.

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Become a vital part of our community by sponsoring events, programs, or camp facilities. Your support as a corporate partner or individual sponsor makes a substantial impact.

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Making a difference Programs

Support a Making a Difference Program

Support our Making A Difference Programs, where we provide outdoor education, well-being, and nature-based programs to children and young people who may not have these opportunities otherwise.

Empowering children with life skills and fostering their well-being.

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Support one of our Campaigns

Our initiatives allow us to continue providing invaluable outdoor education, well-being, and nature-based programs to those who might not other have access.

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Why Get Involved?

Make a Real Impact

Contributing to The Portsea Camp means directly supporting children's growth, health, and happiness. See the change you can make.

Community Connection

Join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference. Network, share experiences, and grow together.

Personal Growth

Volunteering at The Portsea Camp is an opportunity for personal and professional growth, gaining new skills, and building lasting relationships.

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