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By promoting mental & physical wellbeing, we help young people develop the skills & mindset needed to navigate lifes challenges & succeed.

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What is a Making a Difference Camp?

A week-long camp experience at Portsea Camp is an immersive journey of discovery and growth for children, filled with outdoor adventures, team-building activities, and opportunities to develop lifelong friendships. From exhilarating challenges to moments of quiet reflection, each day offers a unique blend of fun, learning, and personal development in a supportive and natural setting.

Each day at camp intentionally provides children with opportunities to explore their potential, develop new interests, make new friends and teach them skills that will help them to continue to nurture their mind, heart and body long after they depart from camp.

Benefits of Camps on Young Children

Camp experiences provide positive connections whilst creative happiness, fun and carefree childhood experiences.

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Promote Physical Activity

Camp experiences increase daily physical activity by 40%. This is particularly important when less than 1/3 of children under 16 meet national activity level standards

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Encourages Healthy Eating Habits

60% of children attending camps adopt healthier eating and report trying new foods.

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Build Peer Connections

95% of camp attendees report improved social connection, reducing feeling of isolation and anxiety.

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Builds emotional capacity

92% of children report building confidence and having a life changing experience.

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Improves Wellbeing

90% of camp attendees report gaining improved wellbeing indicators.

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