Brighter futures for every child

Addressing Inequity and Barriers Faced by Disadvantaged Children, Communities & Schools

The Portsea Camp is dedicated to breaking down barriers and addressing inequities faced by disadvantaged children. The camp provides opportunities for those who may not have access to transformative experiences, focusing on inclusivity, diversity, and equal access to the benefits of outdoor education.

  • Providing transformative outdoor experiences to children.
  • Fostering resilience, confidence, and positive mental health in young people.
  • Promoting a chance to a carefree and enriching childhood for all children.
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Protect & preserve for generations to come

Climate, Conservation, & Stewardship of the Environment

The Portsea Camp is committed to environmental sustainability and conservation. The camp is a place where environmental stewardship is practiced and where children learn the importance of protecting the planet. Initiatives include eco-friendly practices, nature-based programs, and educating participants on environmental responsibility.

  • Education & Awareness
  • Environment Management
  • Eco Friendly Practice
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A Safe Place to Land

Maintain Our Heritage Listed Site

We are dedicated to maintaining our camp facilities and surrounding environment to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our objective is to raise funds to expand outdoor programs and facilities, ensuring more children benefit from transformative experiences in a secure and nurturing setting.

  • Well-Maintained Facilities: Clean, safe, and comfortable.
  • Beautiful Surroundings: Serene and inviting atmosphere.
  • Supportive Environment: Inclusive space for all.
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Regional Resilience and Recovery

Building Stronger Communities Together

We engage with regionla and under represented communities to break the cycle of disadvantage. We actively give back to our local community and community partners.

Portsea Camp contributes to regional resilience by providing a haven for children and communities facing adversity. The camp aims to be a place of solace, support, and positive experiences that help individuals and regions recover from challenges, including natural disasters and economic hardships.

  • Portsea Camp's Role: Provides a haven for children and communities facing adversity.
  • Support and Solace: Offers a place of support and positive experiences for recovery.
  • Community Impact: Aims to aid regions in recovering from natural disasters and economic hardships.
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Our Project-Based Causes

Our aim is to bring the joy of adventure and nature to people of all ages through carefully curated packages that match your needs and budget.

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Making a Difference Camp

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Reducing Our Impact on Nature

Help us reduce our carbon emissions - solar panels or energy efficient water use

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Supporting Regional Recovery

Sponsor a child, group of children or regional school who have experienced adversity – bushfire, flood, drought etc to come to camp

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