About Us

Enabled through commitment, care and passion of an operational team and network of volunteers.

Our Purpose

At The Portsea Camp, children and young people embark on unforgettable adventures, forging meaningful connections, developing essential life skills, and creating lasting memories.

As a social enterprise we are dedicated to returning funds to the community by providing vital services for at risk children.

We Deliver Our Impact Through

  • Community camps for disadvantaged and vulnerable children
  • School camps for the education sector
  • Respite accommodation and programs for carers
  • Eco young leaders' programs
  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing
  • Family based activities & events
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Why is this important?

We want to be present in a child’s life early, to provide a safe place where strong connection to positive relationships can divert a potential poor wellbeing pathway.

1 in 4

Primary school students feel highly anxious.


In the last 12 months, young people aged 12-17 are reported to experience psychological distress.

Almost 50%

Grade 6 girls report no hope for the future along with anxiety and depression.

M.A.D programs

We believe the combination of time spent in nature, mindfulness, unplugging from the digital world and some exhilarating adventure activities on land and sea is a winning formula for optimizing children’s capacity to be happy, healthy and well.


Felt more connected to peers after a M.A.D camp


Agreed they would like to take part in more M.A.D programs.

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Hear from our community

Heartfelt stories from our team, campers, and partners who have experienced and supported the magic of The Portsea Camp. Their stories highlight the profound impact our camp has had on their lives.

How can you help?

With your support, we will continue to grow. Join us in celebrating the futures of our youth, one kid at a time, one camp at a time. Together, we make a profound difference in the lives of countless children.

  • It costs around $800 to provide a week of camp to a single child.
  • One charitable making a difference camp for 100 children's costs in the vicinity of $80,000