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How old must you be?

Room and Recreation Leaders must be at least 18 years of age. A small number of Junior Leaders attend the 9 – 12 year old camps (January and April) – minimum age 16, as well as young people undergoing Duke of Edinburgh Award courses.

Who makes a good Camp Leader?

Camp Leaders need to be friendly, hard working and have an ability to communicate well and work closely with a diverse group of children and adults.

People need to  have the flexibility to adhere to camp rules such as no alcohol, restricted smoking areas and a nightly curfew.

Camp Leaders need to be willing to forgo much of their privacy for the week and spend virtually 24 hours / day with the children.

They must also be able to react to new and unforseen situations and be committed to ensuring that children have the best possible experience while they are at camp.

Good camp leaders are team players, always ready to help out.

We are always on the look-out for people who have skills and experience working with children who have special needs – physical, intellectual, emotional and behavioural.

Experience in leading activities would be great. However, if you have no formal qualifications in child care or recreation you may have other skills which will complement the team.

Camp Leaders come from all areas of the community – teachers, artists, recreation specialists, musicians, nurses, youth workers, police, business people and parents – just to name a few.

Who are the children who come to camp?

Up to 270 9-12 year old disadvantaged and special needs children from country and metropolitan Victoria and southern NSW attend each school holiday camp. (During September a teenagers camp is held.)

Ensuring children’s safety

The Portsea Camp is committed to the safety and well-being of all children and / or young people accessing our service.

We support the rights of the child and will act without hesitation to ensure a child safe environment at all times.

We also support the rights and well-being of our staff and volunteers and encourage their active participation in building and maintaining a secure environment for all who stay with us.

Applying to volunteer

All volunteers over the age of 18 are required to have a current Working With Children Card in the name of The Portsea Camp before attending camp.


Room Leaders are responsible for the general welfare of the children and their supervision, both day and night

Recreation Leaders are responsible for the planning and running of the activities. They are also involved in general camp duties to support the program.

Junior Recreation Leaders are a vital part of the Recreation Team, performing many supportive roles whilst gaining skills that will enable them to take on the mantle of running recreational activities after turning 18.

Nurses and Doctors are responsible for general first aid and administering prescribed medication.

What are the rewards?

Heaps. You will make some of the best friends you’ll ever have. Like some of us you may even meet your lifetime partner. You will give kids a great experience many will never forget and you will get to spend a week at this wonderful location. Camp Leaders at the camp are guaranteed a rewarding time as well as gaining valuable experience in working with children in a residential setting.

Click this link for your application form – Downloadable Information

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