The Portsea Camp


The Portsea Camp is supported by a diverse range of people, philanthropic trusts, child and family support organisations and businesses.

For fifty years from 1945 to 1995 the camp’s principal financial supporter was the City of Melbourne.

From 1995, when the City ceased any involvement, Rotary International guaranteed to provide 3 to 5 years of concerted support to assist the camp remain viable. During this time significant funds and in-kind support were provided by Rotary, enabling the camp to undertake much-needed refurbishment. A state government grant of $485,000 and a substantial financial donation from the GW Griffith’s Trust certainly helped.

From 2000 to today 75 – 85% of the camp’s operational income has been derived from general guests; mostly schools. 15 – 25% of the camp’s funding is sourced from donations. The camp receives no recurrent government funding.

Financial support ensures the facility can be maintained and improved and that charges associated with charity camps can be kept to a fraction of the real cost.

But without the camp’s team of over 350 active volunteers donating over 30,000 hours of their time every year, we simply couldn’t function. Valuing volunteers time at $20/hour, that’s over $600,000 / year.

We are extremely grateful to our wonderful supporters, whose financial contribution or voluntarism enable the camp to continue and expand on its work supporting disadvantaged and special needs Victorian children and families.

For further information please refer to our Principal, Community, Corporate and Philanthropic Supporter pages. Full lists of supporters by financial year can be found in the camp’s Annual Reports.

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