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Catering – General Camps

At the Portsea Camp we focus on fresh produce and healthy meals. Our menu is designed to keep children healthy whilst giving them the energy to fully appreciate the recreational program at the Camp.

You will not find a mass of imported frozen food at the Portsea Camp. Most meals are made from scratch in the kitchen and you will be hard pressed to find a greater selection of salads to enjoy with your meal.

We also understand that children enjoy sweets so we offer desserts and home made cookies for morning teas, but fruit is on offer 24/ 7 and children are encouraged to eat as much as they like.

Our catering staff are accustomed to any kind of dietary concern or allergy and are well equipped to safely and tastily feed your child. Be it vegetarian, vegan, celiac, allergies to any food or product, no red meat, we can cater.

We do not have any nut products on site. In the instance however that a child or adult may be anaphylactic we err on the side of caution and use separate products again. Many non nut products still state that they “may contain trace elements” or “ may have been produced on machinery that produces nut product” and we want to ensure that your child is healthy and enjoys his/ her camp. All senior camp staff are trained in first aid including training in responding to allergic (anaphylactic) reactions.

The camp requires that any child with serious dietary concerns be identified (personally and discretely) to the kitchen staff by the group organiser. An adult from the group is then responsible for accompanying the child to the servery at each meal so there is no confusion. If you have a catering concern please contact the office and we will put you in touch with Jack, our Catering Manager.

Sample menu

Sample Camp Menu

Breakfast – cereal and toast
Lunch – crispy chicken tenders in tortilla with avocado salsa, sour cream, cheese, Mexican style rice / fresh bread rolls with cold meats and cheese served with 6 different salads.
Dinner – chicken schnitzel with roast baby potatoes, steamed veggies and cous cous salad, green bean in black bean salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber / beef and tomato lasagne with garlic bread, roast veg and bocconcini salad, Moroccan carrot salad, caesar salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber
Desert – ice-cream cake, jelly, cheesecake, sticky date pudding

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