The Portsea Camp


The following answers are only part of the story – please refer to the camp’s Organiser’s Handbook for more detailed information.

Are you accredited?

Yes, see accreditation.

Do your activity staff have adequate training?

Yes, they are required to go through industry approved training on all specialised apparatus and meet Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Safety Guideline for External Providers

Can I see a sample menu and meal times?

Yes, see the sample menu and meal times here Sample Camp Menu

Will there be more than one school on site?

Portsea Camp is a large site of 400 beds with three discrete accommodation areas.  Larger groups and schools whose numbers require use of two or more areas will have exclusive use. When two groups or schools are on site simultaneously using discrete accommodation areas, rest assured that we have given much consideration to compatibility issues and have involved group organisers in discussions. Schools are allocated specific areas within the main dining hall for meals but have use of their own indoor recreation / meeting rooms.

Do we need to vacate our rooms by a particular time on our last day?

Generally we will ask you to vacate your room before 9am on the last day. Bags are stored under cover until picked up by coach drivers. If you are completing water activities we will of course allocate some rooms for showering.

Are we charged for our recreation program?

Yes, the 2019 weekday rate is $35/ hour. Please note that you will also be charged a small pack up and set up fee for activities. 2 hour discos (2019 rate) is $300.

Are teachers or aides charged to attend?

Teachers are free at a ratio of 1:10. Additional teachers will be charged for. Aides are free.

How many in each room?

Please check the accommodation/ facilities section for details and room plans. Bayside Units: 20 rooms with 2 bunks / room Parade Ground Barracks: 12 rooms with 2 or 3 bunks / room, 3 dorms with 17 to 18 bunks in each Boonerwrung Wing: 4 dorms with 14 bunks in each, 2 dorms with 11 bunks in each, and 15 single bed rooms for leaders

How long do recreation sessions go for?

Sessions generally run for 1.5 hours : 9- 10.30am, 11-12.30pm, 1.30-3pm, 3.30 – 5pm. Discos generally run for 2 hours, starting at 7.30 or 8pm. Please speak with the Recreation Co-ordinator should you wish to change times or add in extra sessions.

Are we charged for breakages?

Yes, we will invoice for breakages.

Can we access the internet?

We do not provide internet access except in unusual or essential circumstances.

Do you have good reviews?

Of course, please refer to the testimonial page.

Can camper’s parents phone the camp?

It is always essential for parents or guardians to have been supplied with the phone number of the group leader at camp. Except in emergencies, the camp does not operate an after-hours switchboard.

What happens to our recreation program if it rains?

Camp staff will endeavour to run activities unless the weather becomes too awful. In this instance camp staff will switch to a wet weather program.

Is there a noise curfew?

Yes, definitely. The camp is in a residential area and noise must be kept to a minimum in accordance with EPA requirements: Monday to Thursday: before 7 am and after 10 pm. Friday: before 7 am and after 11 pm. Saturday and public holidays: before 9 am and after 11 pm. Sunday: before 9 am and after 10 pm.

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